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Welcome To The Future

Of Fitness And Business

We at BODY TIME created a Fitness System over the last decade that makes you Easy AND Fast Fit AND Financially Free!

Get Fit & Make Money

Monthly Paid Out Commissions 

Unique Opportunity! Generate a passive income! Live Financially Free AND Get Fit at the same time. Grow your BUSINESS with us together today!



Explainer Video

Watch the video for a brief introduction how to use MY BODY TIME.

How It Works? 



Are you looking for a good Business Opportunity? Then you here are in the right place!

Get fit and make money by helping other people do the same. 

The way to financial freedom, health and fitness is easy if you know how. 2011 we start and 2022 we make you part of our business and give you 32%+ of our business. To get started, you need a sponsor and a personal invitation link.

“Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build them!”


The worst life you can live is a life without desires and goals.

Without desires and GOALS, you cant be happy.

Are you dissatisfied with your life, or do you want to make more out of your life?

But you don’t know-how

Here’s the solution.

Do you want to look good?

Do you want to earn enough money to be financially independent!

Do you want to be healthy!

The whole thing from your dream place comfortably online, of course?

AND, Look good Generate passive income regardless of location.

If I show you how to get all this, would it be interesting for you?

Our Story




2011 Open First Body Time Clubs In Europe / Romania
2011 Open Second Body Time Club In Europe / Romania
2012 4 Body Time Clubs In Europe / Romania
2013 12 Body Time Clubs In Europe / Romania
2014 18 Body Time Clubs In Europe / Romania
2015 Open First Body Time Club In Dubai
2016 3 Body Time Clubs In Dubai
2017 12 Body Time Clubs In Dubai
2018 Become MARKET LEADER second time
2019 Open First Body Time Club In Doha / Qatar
2019 Open First Body Time Club In Chicago /USA
2022 Start My BODY TIME Network 5. March 2022

We will expand our services all over the world

The Subscriptions Plans are now only in Dubai Business Bay in Regal Tower Office 2509 available. 

We just get started 5. March 2022 and work growig the netwoek all over Dubai, UAE and Worldwide in all our Locations and new Franchise Loactions in future. 

Your Business In Your Pocket

Your Benefits:


  • Virtual Office
  • Start For Free
  • Up To 34% Commissions
  • 10 Levels Commission Payment
  • Ranks and achievements bonuses
  • Health & Fitness with just 20 minutes once a week
  • Nice Community
  • A Service That Everyone Need
  • First Time In Mankind
  • Make New Friends


To build a strong community to achieve togehter global health & wealth with smart fitness solutions AND proper education.


Get Fit In 20 Min

Best Fitness System In The World. Get Your Desired Dream Body and Dream Live WITHOUT Exercising daily and wasting your time at the GYM!

Weight Loss, Toning and Building Muscles with just 20 minutes once a week. At Body Time The Future Of Fintess.


Training With BODY TIME EMS Workouts

If you find yourself struggling with endless weight gain problems and you are tired of ever trying magic pills or another “wonder” diets…

Then Body Time EMS Workouts are exactly for you!

If you think finding 20 minutes for your health and body is hard then you may skip this! BUT, if you take a single step forward and trust in yourself then our experts will guide you to fitness success through detailed individual approach!

Join thousands of Happy Members who transformed their bodies without spending hours on training and without extreme diets!

You might think that this is another waste of money and time, however, this is a whole new experience and the last fitness attempt you will ever need. 

Just Imagine Noticing Better Shape With Every Session and Getting Compliments From Your Family and Friends...
You can do next:
1. Do nothing and stay the same.
2. Take action now and change your life forever.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME
EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME Personal Training

Real Work. Real Results.